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Welcome to your forever floor.

At FiberSprung, we believe in quality and longevity. Life happens; and your FiberSprung modular sprung floor will follow you to your next studio (and the next one after that) or even can be resold. Our patented floors are modular, whisper quiet, flood-proof, and last forever. They surpass the best wooden sprung floors in the world in price, quality, and longevity. 


the best


Currently in use by: Pace University, Kanyok Arts Initiative, Bayou City Ballet School



Currently in use by: University of St. Thomas, Newnan Theater Company, Island Moving Company


on the move 

Currently in use by: Traverse City Dance Project


FS Pro and FS Light floor similarities: 

The floor surface of the FS Pro and FS Light floors are exactly the same plywood with exactly the same joints. The sub-floor construction materials are the same, so both sub-floors will both survive a flood and are designed to last 20+ years. The sub-floors are designed to bend (or "give") exactly the same. By the math, the difference in bending is around 1%, so the sub-floors are remarkably similar in "give". 

FS Pro and FS Light floor differences:   

The difference is in the arrangement of the sub-floor. The FiberSprung Pro floor has tighter lattice, and thus has more contact points with the floor surface. Since it has more contact, the reverberation of the floor surface after it "gives" is decreased. The pro floor is  also 1" shorter in height. (Pro: 4", Light, 5"). The Light floor is cheaper and can be assembled more quickly. The Light sub-floor weighs 30% less than that of the Pro floor. 

Pro and Light floor side-by-side ballet dancer feedback results: 

We constructed Pro and Light floors side by side and tested them with professional dancers; 80% of the dancers polled preferred the Pro floor and all could tell a subtle difference in the two floors side by side.

All FiberSprung floors are portable; what's so special about the Go Floor? 

The Go floor offers FiberSprung longevity with extreme portability. With a team of four, 800 square feet can be installed in two hours, using only a hex wrench as a tool. In contrast, our semi-permanent options would require a day of assembly for the same size floor. 

What about foam block "squish" floors? 

How often do you replace your kitchen sponge? Why would you spend money to put those in your floor and expect quality or longevity?


Financing is available through Full Circle Finance.

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